Castelli Piemontesi
Castelli Piemontesi  

Estate I Berroni
(Prov. di Cuneo)


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The estate was built in 1773 for the Nobleman de Laugier as a holiday house, equipped with a beautiful park, a chapel and some rural buildings.

It was once an isolated but thoroughly self-sufficient countryside home. The interior decorations and antique furniture were commissioned from numerous artists who worked for the royal Racconigi Castle nearby.

Today, Countess Castelbarco conducts tours through the elegant rooms; the Red Hall, the Dining Room, the Gallery, Carlo Alberto's Bedchamber, the Blue Room and the Dressing Room.
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Watch Castelli Piemontesi's Videos
Watch Castelli Piemontesi's Videos
Regione Piemonte
Regione Piemonte
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