Castelli Piemontesi
Castelli Piemontesi  

Palace Tornielli
(Prov. di Biella)


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Palazzo La Marmora is located at the Piazzo, the medieval quarter of Biella. The mansion is a living museum that has passed untouched through eight centuries. Here, the period furniture, the paintings, the household treasures and the archives narrate not only the private story of the family but they also echo the history of arts and society along the different ages. Medieval in its structures and layout, Palazzo La Marmora tells us the Ferrero della Marmoras story since the Renaissance to the Risorgimento and it is nowadays recognizable for its peculiar neo-classical façade that faces the Piazzo main street.

Since 2005, Centro Studi Generazioni e Luoghi Archivi Alberti La Marmora, a no-profit organization for the management of the family archives, has had its office at Palazzo La Marmora. The Renaissance gardens are dominated by the octagonal Masseranos Tower that was built by Sebastiano Ferrero in the second half of the XV° century.

In the halls, passed the winter garden, frescoes and paintings will tell you about Sebastiano who brought Renaissance to Biella, about Filippo, ambassador who sealed royal weddings in the 18th century, about Raffaella mother of the generals La Marmora in the Risorgimento, about the arrival in 1899 of the Leon Battista Alberti's family in the house. The octagonal Tower dominates the garden, which opens towards Biella with a terrace and a Nymphaeum.

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