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Castelli Piemontesi  

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Charming hospitality is available in castles and villas, and in old adjacent residences, all of which have been carefully and skilfully restored.

One can enjoy exclusive and relaxing holidays in historic structures, amongst antique furniture and decor, including sleeping in beds of antiquity, some boat-shaped and others with canopies. Take an afternoon stroll through the gardens and estates with a good book in hand, or absorb the valley views at the belvedere from dawn to dusk.

Some current owners can recount the extensive histories of their ancestors, who owned these estates originally; others will regale you with tales of illustrious guests. Some even speak of ghosts.

While staying at these castles, opportunities abound for cultural outings, sightseeing and exercise. There are nearby golf courses, private and public pools and paddocks. Also in close proximity are the major cities, Milan, Genoa and Turin, offering extensive night-life, cultural and shopping activities. Lastly, the stunning Riviera of the Ligurian region, with its beaches and quaint coastal towns is less than an hour away.

Returning home to a quiet villa or romantic estate after a day of excursion will be all the more welcome, especially if accompanied by a winetasting in the estate cellar.

Why not try?

Vacationing in a historic dwelling:

- Castellengo +39 338 3543101 - +39 348 2240347,
- Giarole +39 0142 68124 - +39 335 1030923,
- Villa Schella ( Ovada ) +39 333 4802393.
- Tenuta i Berroni ( Racconigi) +39 0172 813186,
- Rocca Grimalda +39 334 3387659,
- Tagliolo +39 0143 89195,
- Trisobbio (Albergo ristorante) +39 0143 871104
- Montecavallo (Vigliano Biellese) +39 015 8123092

The following castles offer an array of opportunities to the public ranging from facility rentals, castle and wine tasting tours to educational workshops:

- Castellengo, +39 338 3543101 - +39 348 2240347,
- Tagliolo +39 014385195

- Castello Montecavallo (Vigliano Biellese), +39 015 8123092
- Villa Era (Vigliano Biellese), +39 335 217964
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    castles of Monferrato
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Watch Castelli Piemontesi's Videos
Regione Piemonte
Regione Piemonte
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