Castelli Piemontesi
Castelli Piemontesi  

Castle of Montecavallo
(Prov. di Biella)


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In 1821, Filiberto Avogadro, a capable diplomat, envoy of the Royal House of Savoy to the Holy See, brought back the family ensign to the Biella hills after purchasing a large estate from the Invalids Hospital of Biella for 92,000 Lira. During the Middle Ages, this same estate was owned by the Avogadro family.

In approximately 1830, Avogadro started with the construction of the castle on the hilltop, over the remains of an older structure belonging to his family in 1200. The neo-gothic style, which is unusual for the region of Biella, was adopted because king Carlo Felice of Savoia had charged Filiberto with supervising the reconstruction of the abbey at Hautecombe, near Chambery. At the time, a renewed interest in the Middle Ages brought about a renaissance of the gothic style in France, Germany and England.

Romanticism then saw medieval architecture as a symbol of the history and tradition of various European states. Filiberto thus found himself confronted with an avant-garde style, and possessing an open mind, he decided to adopt this style for his own residence. The project was given to the architect Dupuy, who also went on to design part of the old Invalids Hospital in Biella.

The owner, who lives in the castle, continues the family tradition of winemaking by producing a range of excellent wines that can be sampled in the cellars.
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